• How to use Google Maps in iOS 6.

    One of the major changes of iOS 6 is removing Google maps and introducing it own map app. Most of the apple fans are not happy. There is simple trick you can use to use Google maps with iOS 6 if that is what you are looking for.

    How to use Google maps in iPhone 5 or Apple device running iOS 6?

    Simply go to maps.google.com using the Safari web browser. click Share button and then click “add to the home screen”. How you will have a Google map shortcut in your home screen.

    Google Maps Vs Apple Maps

    Apple iOS6 MapsGoogle Maps

    Do you prefer Apple Maps over Google Maps?


  • More than 2 Million Pre-Orders for Apple iPhone 5

    Orders for the iPhone 5 topped 2 million in their first 24 hours, more than double the amount of its predecessor over the same period.


  • iPhone 5 is Officially Launched

    Apple CEO Tim Cook officially announce the iPhone 5 to the public today. It is one of the long waited device as there were more hardware leaks than any other device.

    Apple shares rose $US9.20 after the launch of new iPhone and expecting to sell more devices than iPhone 4S. You can pre-order it on September 14th and Apple will start shipping them from September 21.

    Highlights of Apple iPhone 5 (iPhone 5 Feature List)

    • iPhone 5 has three different options (as usual) 16GB ($199) and 32GB ($299) and 64GB ($399).
    • 4 inch Retina display (1136 x 640 pixels with 16:9 ratio)
    • Operating System -iOS6
    • 7.6 mm height
    • 112g weight
    • Connectivity Supports HDPA+, DC-HSPDA, and 4G LTE
    • 802.11n Wi-Fi networking (2.4GHz and 5GHz), allowing for speeds up to 150Mbps.
    • Processor A6
    • Battery Life 8 Hours of 3G talk, 10 Hours of WiFi Browsing
    • Stand by for 225 Hours
    • 8 megapixel camera with 3264×2448 resolution
    • 80 percent smaller doc
    • 30 pin dock converter is available
  • When Apple going to release iPhone 5

    Apple iPhone 5 release time base on your city

    Source: http://absinthejailbreak.com/iphone-5-release-time-countries-cities-timezone/

  • Apple iPhone 5 Event is on 12th Sep

    Apple just sent members of the press invitations to an event on Sept. 12. With the prominent number “5″ in the invitation’s image, the event is undoubtedly when the company will unveil its next iPhone, often referred to as the “iPhone 5″ by the media.

    San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple’s traditional choice for big unveilings, will serve as the venue. The event will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (1 p.m. Eastern).

    Source: mashable.com

  • iPhone 5 Nano SIMs

    Dear partners,
    You will receive today a new generation of SIM cards for the latest generation of smartphones that come in the near future on the market. Sort your SIM card please first not in their cards in hand and give it not out to customers.We will inform you shortly about how to proceed.

    iPhone 5 SIM

    iPhone 5 SIM


  • [Video] iPhone 5 Housings?

    iPhone 5 Housings?

  • Leaked photos of iPhone 5

    Today 9TO5MAC blog and iPhone repair genius iFixyouri leaked couple of images which is claimed to be iPhone 5.  It reveal so much infomation about the next iPhone and prove that lot of rumors are true.

    iPhone 5 leaked photo

    These leaked pictures show both black and white versions. It also confirm the smaller dock connection. Following are the list of iPhone 5 features that can be predicted.

    iPhone 5 Features

    • Metal and plastic casing (LArger portion is black)
    • Small dock connector
    • Earphone jack is moved to bottom left corner
    • Space between Camera and LED flash
    • Screen resolutions 1136 x 640
    • 3.999 inch screen
    • Centered front camera(Facetime camera)
    • Micro SIM or no SIM


    Busted iPhone rumors

    • Edge to edge screen

    This some basic next generation iPhone features base on the leaked. It does not say anything about the iPhone 5 specifications nor iOS features.

    Source and Imaged from 9to5mac

  • iPhone 5 in June for Real?

    We are still waiting to iPhone 5. Even though, we were waiting for iPhone 5 last time it was iPhone 4S. It was slight disappointment now it is getting closer to time you can expect a new iPhone.

    According to a recruit office working at a Foxconn factory in China, fifth generation iPhone will be released in Jun. They are planning to hire 18,000 employees for the fifth generation iPhone.

    So biggest question is – Fifth generation iPhone mean iPhone 5 or new iPhone?

  • iPhone 5 to be released in September

    Reliable source has told 9to5Mac some interesting information about the next version of iPhone (iPhone 4S or iPhone 5). Following are the key information leaked related to next version of iPhone.

    * The next generation iPhone has reached the final testing stage (aka “AP” stage [Thanks, Chronic!]) and is now being carried around by high level Apple and carrier executives.

    * Although this has been assumed since the no-iPhone-at-WWDC-rumors broke, the current plan is for a September launch for the next-generation iPhone.

    * Apple and Verizon have yet to strike a deal regarding FaceTime over 3G for the Verizon network. Keep in mind that 3G and 4G aren’t the same thing. Don’t read into that too much. Or maybe do.

    *Apple and Verizon are still working out kinks regarding support for iOS 5′s over-the-air updates, which we broke the news about, so carrier support may or may not be delayed past fall 2011.

    Then, there are two unsolved code names, N93 and N94, can be found in the SDK 5 iOS. These two code names may be refer to the next version of iPhones. However, it still have a 5 megapixel camera in the back. These information still required to be verified officially.

    [9to5mac ]