• Leaked photos of iPhone 5

    Today 9TO5MAC blog and iPhone repair genius iFixyouri leaked couple of images which is claimed to be iPhone 5.  It reveal so much infomation about the next iPhone and prove that lot of rumors are true.

    iPhone 5 leaked photo

    These leaked pictures show both black and white versions. It also confirm the smaller dock connection. Following are the list of iPhone 5 features that can be predicted.

    iPhone 5 Features

    • Metal and plastic casing (LArger portion is black)
    • Small dock connector
    • Earphone jack is moved to bottom left corner
    • Space between Camera and LED flash
    • Screen resolutions 1136 x 640
    • 3.999 inch screen
    • Centered front camera(Facetime camera)
    • Micro SIM or no SIM


    Busted iPhone rumors

    • Edge to edge screen

    This some basic next generation iPhone features base on the leaked. It does not say anything about the iPhone 5 specifications nor iOS features.

    Source and Imaged from 9to5mac

  • 6 iPhone 5 Rumors

    1. Edge-to-edge screen

    Rumors of the bigger iPhone 5 screen happen to be flying for several weeks, beginning with a supposed leaked image from the Chinese apple iphone parts supplier showing a 4-inch screen (as opposed to the apple iphone 4′s 3.5-inch display), then an alleged leaked engineering image from iDealsChina showing an apple iphone 5 by having an edge-to-edge screen. The following month, at the begining of May, an “apple iphone 5G” situation turned up on Alibaba.com, also showing an edge-to-edge screen.

    2.  Programmable Mini micro-SIM card

    Apple prepared a proposal for the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), since the firm looks to incorporate a completely new type of smaller sized SIM into its forthcoming apple apple iphone.

    3. iPhone 5 with Mobile payment technology

    There are many rumors around the internet that Apple is going to introduce a mobile payment system with iPhone 5. It is highly questionable that Apple would take a risk with highly debatable technology. Generally Apple always go with well established technology. However, Boy Genius Report reported that Apple Stores were being installed with particularly-wired tables that may support NFC.

    4. Completely new  iPhone 5  design

    The rendering shows a teardrop-shaped profile, expanded home button (to support future gesturing features), a thinner chassis, 3.7-inch display, and cable-free charging. This may contradict with iPhone 5 4 inch screen.

    5. Relocated camera flash

    Apple.pro has published photos evaluating areas of the apple iphone 5 camera components alongside the Apple iphone 4 camera components.

    6. 8-mega pixel camera

    In April, Sony CEO Howard Stringer made passing comment about making the best cameras for Apple that immediately sparked a rumor that Sony was manufacturing an 8-mega pixel camera.

  • Leaked: iPhone 5 Case Image

    The leak, which seems to become a mock-up wrapped around a mocked-up apple iphone “5,” arrives courtesy alibaba.com, and really should be treated because the largely speculative, unconfirmed mockup that it’s.

    According to the leaked images it shows that the display is edge to edge, which is quite smart move to use the maximum space. Websites know for legitimate Apple prototypes and near-complete devices has released this images.


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